My Recent Zazzle Sales (2013, Week 42)

During week 42 I was able to sell 9 items, let’s take a look at them 🙂 Santa Monica Pier – Orange Sunrise Photo Edit Puzzle by stineshop See other Sunrise Puzzles I haven’t sold many puzzles yet so I am really happy about selling this one! Vintage Retro Dark Green Dotted Design Key ChainContinue reading “My Recent Zazzle Sales (2013, Week 42)”

Zazzle Sales 2012-11-28 (Bumper Sticker, Mug and T-shirt)

Three sales within one day once more. Sale number one was five bumper stickers with a vintage royalty-free graphic: Vintage Retro Pin Up Girl – Girl in Pink Blouse Bumper Sticker by stineshop Browse Pinup Bumper Stickers Sold to Siu in New York, NY – thanks! This sale has earned me $1.85 in royalty! NumberContinue reading “Zazzle Sales 2012-11-28 (Bumper Sticker, Mug and T-shirt)”

Zazzle Sale 2012-11-05 (What Would Jesus Brew? Coffee Mug)

Another sale with my most popular coffee mug 🙂 I really love this coffee mug. I have sold 11 of this design this week. The first sale was this one, I’ll write about the other 10 a bit later. The first buyer this week was Lyndsey from Acworth, GA. All other sales came from theContinue reading “Zazzle Sale 2012-11-05 (What Would Jesus Brew? Coffee Mug)”

Zazzle Sale 2012-05-19 (What Would Jesus Brew? Coffee Mug)

Care for a little trip back in time? I will share some older sales with you that I had sold before starting my “Zazzle Sale” series. Enjoy 🙂 The funny thing about this sale is, that I totally forgot about the fact that I have sold this mug TWICE by now. In my earlier articleContinue reading “Zazzle Sale 2012-05-19 (What Would Jesus Brew? Coffee Mug)”

Zazzle Sale 2012-06-03 (What would Jesus brew? Coffee Mug)

Wow, another sale so soon. I really did not expect this. Although Zazzle has a lot of coupons this weekend for Father’s Day gifts with 50% discount. That’s probably the reason why I sold something again so soon. Anyway, I have created this mug less than 2 months ago after seeing this phrase on tv.Continue reading “Zazzle Sale 2012-06-03 (What would Jesus brew? Coffee Mug)”