Zazzle Sale 2012-05-19 (What Would Jesus Brew? Coffee Mug)

Care for a little trip back in time? I will share some older sales with you that I had sold before starting my “Zazzle Sale” series. Enjoy 🙂

The funny thing about this sale is, that I totally forgot about the fact that I have sold this mug TWICE by now.

In my earlier article from June 2012, I had sold this mug to Erik in the UK.

Guess what? On May 19th, 2012 I had already sold this mug to Patrick in Ireland.

I honestly wonder why it is that popular in the UK. Does anyone know? Or is the topic too “risky” for the United States? Mhh.. I got the inspiration for this mug from a coffee mug Homer Simpson used in one episode. He had gotten it from Ned Flanders, his faithful neighbour.

Do you like it?

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(Last updated: 2018-06-06)

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