As a member of, I am always looking for great exceptional post cards to send to other members. Read this article to find out where to find the most beautiful postcards to send.

I love I am not as active as I once used to be, but I still send out one postcard from time to time. On postcrossing, you send out postcards and receive a postcard from another member for every card you had sent. You never know where you will send your next card or from where you will receive your next card. This is what makes postcrossing so much fun!

Peaceful River zazzle_postcard
Peaceful River by stineshop
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Skyline Queens at Night by stineshop
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Grand Canyon by stineshop
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Capitol in Sacramento by stineshop
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Colorado River, Arizona by stineshop
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Orange Rose by stineshop
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Queen Mary Cruise Ship by stineshop
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