Hey, that’s my Pic: tripsavvy (St. Lucia)

With the help of Copytrack I had found another one of my legally purchased stock photos on a travel website, it’s a whale watching picture from our Caribbean cruise a few weeks ago. It’s used for a handy article about what to do with just 48 hours on the beautiful Caribbean island St. Lucia, pleaseContinue reading “Hey, that’s my Pic: tripsavvy (St. Lucia)”

Hey, that’s my Pic: Celebrity Cruises (Kralendijk, Bonaire)

Aaaaand another legally purchased stock photo that is adorning a rather reputable website – it makes me really proud that Celebrity Cruises have picked one of our Caribbean cruise vacation photos for their website: You can check out the original stock photo here: https://www.eyeem.com/p/108044153

Hey, that’s my Pic: Yahoo Finance News (Angers)

I have just read an interesting blog post from a stock photographer who randomly shares websites that have bought his photos and are displaying them within a news article or alike. I thought this was a brilliant idea and I would love to do this aswell with my stock photos 🙂 The latest find isContinue reading “Hey, that’s my Pic: Yahoo Finance News (Angers)”

My EyeEm Sales in May 2020

I have sold one photo again – directly on EyeEm without Getty or any other agency involved. This time I have sold a photo of my daughter unwrapping birthday presents.

My EyeEm Sales in April 2020 📷 #EyeEm

Oopsie, I totally forgot my ONE sale of a stock photo through EyeEm that I had in April 2020. So, taadaa…. may I present, the white stag: