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With the help of Copytrack I had found another one of my legally purchased stock photos on a travel website, it’s a whale watching picture from our Caribbean cruise a few weeks ago. It’s used for a handy article about what to do with just 48 hours on the beautiful Caribbean island St. Lucia, please check it out:

48 Hours in St. Lucia

48 Hours in St. Lucia – click the screenshot to get to the article

I am so very proud of my photo to be used for such an article! 🙂

I love notifications like this one:

Displate Commission Notification

I did a huge restart with Displate after closing my first account with only three sales a few years ago and have had my first “new” sale within a few weeks. I do hope that Christmas season will fire my sales some more. The payout limit is a bit bitchy… you have to reach $50 in commissions. In this case, I will need 13 sales of a size L metal poster to get the money paid out. Wish me luck 🥂💲✨👍

Curacao Houses by Christine aka stine1 on Displate

Curacao Houses by Christine aka stine1 on Displate

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