I have no idea what happened to this year’s Christmas gift shopping season online, but my sales on all print on demand websites are a huge disappointment so far – on all websites.

No matter whether it’s Zazzle, Cafepress, Society6 or all the others, sales are way behind 2014 and not at all typical for Christmas season. The sales are even lower than the average of all months before. What has happened?

Is it Google’s Panda update? Is it Zazzle’s new zRank feature and the fact that many older products do get removed from the marketplace (the 180 day rule)? Then why does it also affect Cafepress and Society6?

Cafepress has decreased their product variety as they are financially struggling and had sorted out less popular products. Society6 has changed the way customers get search results presented – showing less results than before.

But could these changes really be the only reasons?

I’d love to hear from you how you are doing. Yes, it’s only the middle of November but would this be a “normal” Christmas time, sales would be skyrocketing and now I am trying to get to the cash out limit on Zazzle??? Haven’t been struggling since March!