History of Princess Goldiskull #NFTproject #NFTcollection

Since I had started to mint a few NFT collections offering them for sale, I constantly try to learn new ways of marketing. I thought I might give you some background of my NFTs – the reasons I made them and the stories that hide behind them. As a start, I would like to tellContinue reading “History of Princess Goldiskull #NFTproject #NFTcollection”

#NFTdrop Cathodic AI Dreams: Creepy Collectibles @OpenSea

I have just created and minted a new collection with NFTs on OpenSea. It’s part of my “Cathodic AI Dreams” Series and named “Creepy Collectibles”. As you can see, each piece is as unique as can be – collect your favorites or collect them all. Cathodic AI Dreams: Creepy Collectibles is a strange and creepyContinue reading “#NFTdrop Cathodic AI Dreams: Creepy Collectibles @OpenSea”

Christine aka stine1 AI Art is available as NFT now! #NFT #NFTArt #NFTArtist

Whew, this whole AI Art (art created by artificial intelligence) is such a huge new adventure for me. In addition to my favourite print on demand websites, I have also set up an account with OpenSea to mint and sell my artworks (non-exclusively as of now and all rights will remain with me). As youContinue reading “Christine aka stine1 AI Art is available as NFT now! #NFT #NFTArt #NFTArtist”