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Princess Goldiskull NFT

Since I had started to mint a few NFT collections offering them for sale, I constantly try to learn new ways of marketing. I thought I might give you some background of my NFTs – the reasons I made them and the stories that hide behind them.

As a start, I would like to tell you a bit more about Princess Goldiskull, a bust of whom is available in my “Creepy Collectibles” collection on OpenSea.

Princess Goldiskull was born to the royal family of the Kingdom of Eldoria, a land steeped in magic and lore. From a young age, Goldiskull showed a fierce determination and a love of adventure, often sneaking out of the castle to explore the wilds of the surrounding countryside.

As she grew older, Goldiskull’s passion for adventure only intensified, and she began to train as a knight, determined to defend her kingdom against any threat. Her natural talent for combat quickly became apparent, and she rose through the ranks of the kingdom’s army, earning respect and admiration from her fellow soldiers.

But Goldiskull was not content to simply serve as a soldier in her kingdom’s army. She wanted to lead her own armies into battle, to make her own mark on Eldoria’s history. And so, she convinced her father, the king, to allow her to form her own army and take command of her own campaigns.

With her army at her back, Goldiskull quickly gained a reputation as a fearsome warrior and a brilliant tactician. Her victories on the battlefield were celebrated throughout Eldoria, and she soon became known as the “Golden Knight Princess”, thanks to the shining armor and helmet made of pure gold that she wore into battle.

Despite her many successes, Goldiskull was not content to rest on her laurels. She continued to push herself to new heights, seeking out greater challenges and ever-more-impressive victories. And as she did, she became a legend in her own time, a true hero of Eldoria whose name would be remembered for generations to come.

Interested in owning a true piece of adoration?

Creepy Collectible 079 - Helmet of Princess Goldiskull
Creepy Collectible 079 – Helmet of Princess Goldiskull


Creepy Collectible 077 - Bust of Princess Goldiskull
Creepy Collectible 077 – Bust of Princess Goldiskull

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