My VIDA Sales in July 2020

July 2020 has been very successful for me on Vida and I cannot stop to recommend this print on demand website to you. I have sold several cloth face masks, the notification emails seemed to never stop *lol* The first two items I have sold several times over the whole month: The following item isContinue reading “My VIDA Sales in July 2020”

My Society6 Sales in June 2020

Woohooooo, new month, new luck, new sales 😁👍👍👍 I must admit that the first half of June looked really, really bad – all print on demand websites combined. But then something happened and sales started to pick up again! I had for sales on Society6, I hope they will get cleared very soon.

My recent Cafepress Sales: November 2015

During November 2015, I had 7 successful sales on Cafepress. Not the best month but definitely a good month! But since Cafepress recently has made changes to their embed code, I will have to put up a screenshot of my sales and a link to my designs since I do not have the time toContinue reading “My recent Cafepress Sales: November 2015”