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During that week, I had 5 direct sales and 2 referral sales, which is quite good.

Here are the products I was able to sell which earned me 11% (approx. $13.50) in royalty:

I have sold these to TWO customers, so they do count twice.

Red public Telephone Booth on Antigua Tags For Luggage
Red public Telephone Booth on Antigua Tags For Luggage by stineshop
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Isn’t this an awesome photo? My husband shot it in January during our Caribbean Cruise. It is simply perfect and extremely unique. A red British public telephone booth on a scenic tropical Caribbean sandy beach? Awesome!!!!

And another product with my popular grey sparkling photo edit of the Santa Monica Pier. I really do wonder why this photo edit has become so popular. Does it have anything to do with 50 Shades of Grey or is that just a coincidence? What do you think? Anyway, I am happy to sell so many Christmas gifts!

And here we have the very colourful version of my photo edits. The Santa Monica Pier is extremely popular bit I know, I AM repeating myself. Sorry!

And then we have the referral sales I was able to generate – I earned about $7 with them. Unfortunately, I cannot see what it was – again. I hate that. They probably were products designed by the buyer himself, and not posted to the marketplace. But I am grateful for the 7 bucks!

I know this is terribly delayed but better late than never, right? And at least I can be almost sure that there will be no cancellations after posting this several weeks too late. Yes, I am optimistic *lol*

Anyway, here are my 10 Zazzle sales from calendar week 17, which was April 22nd to April 28th:

This is a very interesting sale since this postcard (and the landscape format version of it) have skyrocketed. Well, maybe because I tagged them cleverly to make “50 Shades of Grey” lovers find it? Mhhh… I hope so ;-P

Winter Love - Heart in Snow Postcard
Winter Love – Heart in Snow Postcard by stineshop
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This heart in the snow is a photo my husband took last winter especially for Zazzle. It is getting quite popular and hubby is very proud that buyers like it 🙂

My iBaby pacifier is not the only one on the Zazzle marketplace but I feel honored that customers like it. I had also created maternity shirts which also are a hit.

German by birth, Bavarian through God grace Bumper Sticker
German by birth, Bavarian through God grace Bumper Sticker by stineshop
Design your own bumper sticker at Zazzle

This is a German bumper sticker for my fellow Bavarians who are proud of their federal state.

See? I told you this photo edit with grey sparkles is getting more and more popular. This one is a poster print!

Another German bumper sticker. This means “Amelie on tour” in the dialect spoken in Cologne.

This postcard has also become pretty popular.

This is my most popular mug design by now and one of three most popular products in my shop. It also is my biggest earner!

As simple as this card design it, it is not my first sale for this plain white card *lol*

How are your sales doing at the moment?

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