My Zazzle Sales in August 2020

August 2020 was another good month for me on Zazzle, I was able to sell the following products – some multiple times.

Since I did not sell more products with the reduced 5% royalty, I will switch it back to 14.9% on September 20 – just in time for the holiday season of 2020. I expect Christmas themed cloth face masks to be a hit, but we will see about that in January 2021 *lol*



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3 thoughts on “My Zazzle Sales in August 2020

  1. Hi fellow Zazzler! You do so well. Can I ask a question? How heavy would you say your traffic is coming from social post references? My shop has a very slow turnaround. Conniemooredesign


  2. Dear Connie, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. To be honest, I fear such comments. Why? Because I have no idea how much traffic or how many sales any social media service is bringing me. It’s just too tedious to share links with little hooks to make them trackable. So all I could do is guess. Have you read about me sharing old one sale wonders again on Twitter and Pinterest and suddenly I sold those again? I do have the gut feeling that Twitter and Pinterest DO bring traffic and sales but I cannot give you any numbers 😦


  3. Thank you so much for answering. I am working on better keyword choices and starting to build my social networks. Have a great day!


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