So after I just did what I rarely do (deleted all my works from Live Heroes as I had not even one encouraging sale in my first 6 months), I am now contemplating about giving up on Redbubble. Is selling one pack of stickers worth it? I will definitely not add any more art/photos to my shop. Deleting would be a pain since I have a LOT uploaded and maybe I will reach cashout in a few YEARS… *lol*

With my cute baby girl keeping me busy, I would like to concentrate on POD sites that REALLY pay and are worth my time. Zazzle, Cafepress and Society6 are my top 3 shops at the moment.

What are your thoughts on Redbubble? Are you happy with your sales and earning good money with it?

In case you want to check out my work and hey- maybe even BUY something (wishful thinking) here you go 🙂