Zazzle is My Drug!

Nothing can be more addicting than success – and I am totally addicted to selling items on Zazzle *lol* Read all about it here:

Days without Zazzle sales are lost days. Every morning, I open my Gmail account to see whether Zazzle has sent me a notification that I have sold something. On some days, I have one or more emails in my inbox telling me about sales – what a joy! But some days don’t grant me this joyous happy feeling 😦

Days without Zazzle sales are sad days *lol*

I have found out that the chance is higher to sell something when I have created new items on the prior day. Or when I have promoted my products a lot. On days when I am lazy, I rarely have follow-up sales.

Anyway, Zazzle really is a drug. I am high when I sell something and I am down when I have sold nothing.

The monthly Zazzle Volume Bonus is another feature that adds to my addiction. Will I make it this month? Will I make it in Dollars or in Euros?

What will be my next sale anyway? Will I sell any item more than once in this month?

When will I sell my first pillow?

So many questions, so many reasons for LOVING Zazzle *lol*

When you are a Zazzle seller, do you also feel like that?

This question is also valid for sellers on Cafepress, Society6, Redbubble or any other similar print-on-demand website that let’s you earn money with your designs.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

And I guess there could be worse addictions, right? *lol*



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