Congratulations, Mr. Obama!

Congratulations on winning the election! Congratulations on winning this year’s election for being President of the United States of America for four more years. If you want to celebrate his second presidency, why not check out these items? Barack Obama Holiday Christmas Card View more Obama Christmas cards Very Gradual Change We Can Believe InContinue reading “Congratulations, Mr. Obama!”

Zazzle Sale 2012-05-13 (Computer Circuits Personalized Address Labels)

The photo I used on the following design is public domain, we did not shoot it ourselves. But isn’t it cool? I had thought that it might be interesting on some products and I guess I was right as I sold some address labels to Justin in Virginia, USA. The royalty was $2.30, as JustinContinue reading “Zazzle Sale 2012-05-13 (Computer Circuits Personalized Address Labels)”

Celebrate 4th of July with Style!

4th of July or Independence Day is a very important day in the USA. Looking for gifts and presents or decent apparel for that day? If you are in need for some clothes or personal gifts to celebrate 4th of July this year, why not shop on Zazzle? Show your patriotic pride with the followingContinue reading “Celebrate 4th of July with Style!”