My Zazzle Sale 2012-12-20 (Unichrome White Trucker Hat)

Who would have known that plain white products would be that successful? This hat is not the first plain white product I have sold on Zazzle, it definitely seems to be a clever niche. This is the hat I have sold: Unichrome White Trucker Hat by stineshop Customize hats at Zazzle This hat will goContinue reading “My Zazzle Sale 2012-12-20 (Unichrome White Trucker Hat)”

Zazzle Sales 2012-10-16 (Grazing Sheep by The Rhine Trucker Hat)

I am often surprised about what kind of photo products sell on Zazzle. This hat is the most recent surprise. Honestly, I had totally forgotten about creating these “trucker hats” as I personally would not buy such a hat with a photo on it. I don’t know, it’s not something I would wear. But IContinue reading “Zazzle Sales 2012-10-16 (Grazing Sheep by The Rhine Trucker Hat)”