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Spreadshirt is a slow earner, I tend to only sell very few items here and there but July has been surprisingly good. I had one sale on the European Spreadshirt version, none from the US/International marketplace:

Himmi Herrgott Zeffix bayerisches Schimpfwort weiß Snapback Cap

Himmi Herrgott Zeffix bayerisches Schimpfwort weiß Snapback Cap

Who would have known that plain white products would be that successful?

This hat is not the first plain white product I have sold on Zazzle, it definitely seems to be a clever niche. This is the hat I have sold:

Unichrome White Trucker Hat
Unichrome White Trucker Hat by stineshop
Customize hats at Zazzle

This hat will go to East Brunswick in New Jersey and has earned me $1.20 in royalty. Woohoo!


I am often surprised about what kind of photo products sell on Zazzle. This hat is the most recent surprise.

Honestly, I had totally forgotten about creating these “trucker hats” as I personally would not buy such a hat with a photo on it. I don’t know, it’s not something I would wear. But I have just sold my first trucker hat to a fellow German:


Thanks to Stephan in Warendorf for purchasing this hat! It earned me €1.29 in royalty and made me create a template for hats so that I can easily create more of them. This hat is the proof that you should never give up on Zazzle and never think “I won’t create that item, no one will buy it anyway!”. This would be a huge mistake *lol*


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