What happend to Noir Gallery?

Oh my gosh, I should have seen this coming… 2 (or 3?) years ago I had joined a new print on demand service focussing on wall art: Noir Gallery had many promises and as always I uploaded a few of my photos and digital artwork to test it. Focussing on just wall art when otherContinue reading “What happend to Noir Gallery?”

What happened to GrabYourDesign.com? #grabyourdesign

GrabYourDesign.com had been a very nice French operated print on demand website with many good quality products and an easy design process. It’s advantage was definitely the huge distribution network with Amazon Marketplaces in North America and Europe plus listings on Ebay. But for months, the site had been more offline than online and duringContinue reading “What happened to GrabYourDesign.com? #grabyourdesign”