My recent Zazzle Sales: October 2015

October 2015 had another 16 sales on Zazzle in store for me. Again, very disappointing and I have no idea why sales are so going down. But Zazzle seems to be a lot slower for all designers. Christmas season has no positive effect on our sales yet. November does not really look better either! TimesContinue reading “My recent Zazzle Sales: October 2015”

Times Square Watches from Zazzle

You know, I love to browse Zazzle for all kinds of random keywords and take a look at the products. I also like checking out my competitors that way *g* Anyway, my Times Square wrist watch is number 7 in Zazzle’s hit list *g* Here are the top 12 Times Square Watches from Zazzle forContinue reading “Times Square Watches from Zazzle”

New York City Postcards on Zazzle

With our recent trip to NYC and the Eastcoast, I just did a search for New York City postcards on Zazzle and guess what? There are almost 8,000 designs available! So I thought I’d show the most popular ones in case you might need a travel souvenir or a nice postcard for postcrossing. New YorkContinue reading “New York City Postcards on Zazzle”