Jellyfish Serving Trays on Zazzle

Jellyfish Serving Trays on Zazzle: Green Alien Jellyfish from Outer Space Service Tray by stineshop Browse another Food Tray online at Pretty Dark Haired Mermaid Pink Jellyfish Service Trays by artbymar Shop for more Food Trays at Jellyfish Food Trays by Nonsens Browse another Zazzle Service Tray Group Of Light Blue Jellyfish ServiceContinue reading “Jellyfish Serving Trays on Zazzle”

My Zazzle Design of the Day: Jellyfish

I don’t think I can do this daily, but hopefully at least once a week. I plan to spotlight a “design series” (one photo on different items) rather than a long list of different stuff. Today’s feature is a wabbling jellyfish couple. We shot this photo in April 2010 in the Aquarium of the PacificContinue reading “My Zazzle Design of the Day: Jellyfish”