Surprise Sale on OhMyPrints in September 2020

I had almost forgotten about OhMyPrints after my first sale there in October 2019. I had uploaded a few more photos and then waited for more sales. Like I do with all my new print on demand websites. So I was rather surprised about a sale in September 2020 which I would like to showContinue reading “Surprise Sale on OhMyPrints in September 2020”

My Recent theKase Sales: July to October 2015 #IAMUNIK

My sales on theKase have dropped this summer significally so I will sum a few months up. Let me show you my sales from July, August, September and October 2015 so that you can see the decrease. I have also not added more designs because all of them get denied and I am tired ofContinue reading “My Recent theKase Sales: July to October 2015 #IAMUNIK”

Check out my new Shop at GrabYourDesign

GrabYourDesign is a new French operated print-on-demand site that is currently recruiting artists. I had received an email and signed up in order to check them out. Their conditions seem fair (cash out limit is €30, they pay with bank transfer or Paypal), you can set your royalty to 5% to 25%, the standard isContinue reading “Check out my new Shop at GrabYourDesign”

Check out my stuff on Fruitfish

Fruitfish is my latest adventure in testing POD (print-on-demand) websites. They are Taiwanese and I hope this will open up a new target group and market for my designs and photos. Creating products is pretty easy, it takes about as long as uploading all the different sizes for Society6. Please check out my products here:Continue reading “Check out my stuff on Fruitfish”