Artsadd is one of many print on demand websites and when I had created my account in 2016 I was hoping for the best. After a few disappointments regarding sales at CowCow, ForUDesign, Design by Humans and Live Hero, I would have needed a successful new website to sell my designs. After all, sales on Zazzle, Cafepress and Society6 seem to decline from year to year.

So I put all hopes into Artsadd and created thousands of products – one by one since there is no mass designer tool. The prices were and are great, free shipping worldwide must be nice for customers and I had even ordered some of my products myself. But it did not help in the long run. It tool me TWO YEARS to reach the cashout limit of $100 for weeks and weeks of uploading, creating and sharing online. NOT worth my time!

I think the worst thing they could do is to hide the search bar for potential customers. Even I have to search for the search bar although I do know the website well. How should a customer find a product or design for a certain topic?

I have stopped to design new products in 2018 and guess what? I only had one sale in 2018 – one sale in one year!

Nope, not worth my time anymore. I will not delete my products but I doubt I will EVER make any more sales and I will probably never ever reach the $100 again…