Buy Spirit of Rosa T-Shirt as seen on tv on Doctor Who #RosaParks #DoctorWho

Last night’s Doctor Who season 11, episode 3 “Rosa: Montgomery” was centred around Rosa Parks (played by Vinette Robinson) in the run-up to the brave moment she refused to give up her seat for a white person.

She ended up becoming an inspiration for many and eventually brought about changes in America which were continued by Dr Martin Luther King.

One conversation between Graham with the Doctor and the other Companions ist about his belated wife wearing once wearing an anti-racism t-shirt to a date with him. This “Spirit of Rosa” t-shirt is available to buy online now on various sources for your to choose from:

Womens Spirit of Rosa T-Shirt to remember Alabama 1955 on
Womens Spirit of Rosa T-Shirt to remember Alabama 1955 on

Same Amazon shirt also available HERE in the UK for whole Europe!

And HERE internationally from Society6.


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