So I thought that would be a belated April’s Fool joke but no – Polyvore has shut down without any prior notice. It is redirecting to shopping website Ssense now, our fashion sets are no longer working aka directing to our products. You can read all the details here in an article on Techcrunch and honestly… THIS SUCKS BIG TIME!

Polyvore is not making Ssense to me!

Ever since I had encountered Polyvore, it was an easy way to fill my blog. I will have to find something else. With two toddlers around the house, I do not have much online time on my hands. That’s the reason why this blog has not been updated in such a long time but this has to change. I will also weed through all my blog posts and delete the ones with Polyvore sets in them because I do not want to grant Ssense so many backlinks and potential customers. This has been a very hostile behaviour and I will not tolerate this.

I will fill this blog with different topics, stock photography being one of the most recent ones. Be prepared 🙂