Zazzle Shop Showcase: stylishdesign1 by nicky – PLEASE HELP :-)

My fellow Zazzlers, I need a little help – actually, Nicky from Germany does need a little help. She has the most beautiful artsy designs in her Zazzle shop but her sales are really miserable. I thought we need to help her, so please like her shop and her products or share this blog post or her products. I bet we can help her a bit, can’t we? 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Zazzle Shop Showcase: stylishdesign1 by nicky – PLEASE HELP :-)

  1. I find I make more sales when I make additions and changes to my shops weekly. I also take the time to put my new or seasonal designs up on Facebook and Pinterest. You can get more free advertising by adding more social network buttons to your browser.


  2. Hi, I did just like her zazzle shop. Also, I have 4 different zazzle blogs that she might be interested in following and emailing her products too. I promote by sharing. Tell her to go to the Zazzle forum advertising board to find out more about them. She can search my name on that site and find all the links to add her products to my blogs, you are more than welcome to do so as well if you like.


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