How to Spend Your Zazzle Earnings

This article will feature a few ideas about what you could do with your first payment from Zazzle.

First of all, the road to your first Zazzle payment will be a rocky one. Zazzle is not a very beginner friendly site and its definitely not a “get paid to” site. Zazzle is a print-on-demand website that pays you a percentage (royalty) when you help them selling their products. If you are an artist or have photos you think are good enough, you can even design your own products and market them through Zazzle without any investment.

The payment threshold is $70 €50). Below that, you can still be paid once a year but they may deduct fees then. So it is important to earn more than $70 per year. This is not one of many articles about how to reach this goal and how to earn money with Zazzle. Nope, this article will collect ideas on what to do with the money you have earned from Zazzle.

Here are some ideas:

  1. One idea means to treat yourself or your whole family. Why not go to the movies or to a restaurant? Do something fun and spend it with your loved ones.
  2. You can use your earnings to pay for Zazzle products before reaching the payout limit. So you could get birthday or Christmas presents for zilch, nada, niente – for FREE. I know that many people like to collect Amazon gift cards over the year to cash them in for Christmas, so why not do the same with Zazzle?
  3. If your payment has been a bit more generous and you sell mainly photo products, why not invest the earnings in a better photo camera? That way you can ensure improved quality and keep earning more and more, don’t you think?
  4. For bigger earners (like me), why not save the earnings of a year for a small vacation or at least a weekend trip? In 2012, I have earned over $600 online with Zazzle and Gather. In 2013, I am trying to reach $1000.

Which idea do you like most and do you have any other ideas for our fellow Zazzlers?



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