My Recent Zazzle Sales (2013, Week 18)

Are you interested to see what I have been able to sell on Zazzle? I have earned quite some money from it in the last one and a half years, it really is my best online earning website at the moment and does even beat and Bubblews! Of course, in order to be successful on Zazzle, you need to invest some time in marketing and need to know how to attract buyers. But apprently I am doing something right 🙂

Ok, so here we go, these items are my sales from the 18th week in 2013:

This lovely button shows a very famous landmark of the Caribbean. Unfortunately, this sale got cancelled and I did not earn royalty from it. But I think it’s pretty and intended to share it anyway 🙂

Isla Saona - Palm Tree at the Beach Postcards
Isla Saona – Palm Tree at the Beach Postcards by stineshop
Design Full color postcards at

This postcard is a picture perfect motive – it screams tropical paradise like no other! The Isla Saona is part of the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. We were lucky to go on a Caribbean cruise in January and February this year, it was awesome!

Santa Monica Pier Postcards
Santa Monica Pier Postcards by stineshop
Try post card printing using zazzle

I did not earn too much that week but the Volume Bonus for March got cleared that month and earned me addition $7, hurray!

By the way, Zazzle has updated their site layout just recently. Were you affected by the changes and do you like them? I think it’s way too white and obviously targeted to tablet PCs and smartphones instead of PCs and laptops. I find it tooooo big for surfing through my laptop.

What do you think?


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