Selling unique gift ideas through Zazzle with your own pictures really is a great way of earning money online. But what to do to increase your sales?

Zazzle is a great opportunity for earning money for people taking photos or drawing their own pieces of art. Or maybe you are into digital art and are looking for a way to sell your creations on t-shirt, skateboards, bags, plates, mugs, mouse pads and so much more?

If you are already selling your stuff you are probably eager to know what you can do to promote your products for free and thus increasing your sales.

In this article I will share what I am doing to increase my sales on Zazzle. So far it is working great with not much effort.

Here are my tricks, all “legal” and allowed:

  • To create products a lot quicker, invest one afternoon of your time for making reusable templates. When using templates, you add your picture to several items at once and can add the same text, categories and tags to all these items at once. I used this very helpful article to learn how to make Zazzle templates and can recommend it! [Thanks to Barb for helping me!]
  • Whenever I create a new set of products with the same photo, I make sure to insert my own Zazzle Flash Panel into the description. You can create your own personalized flash panel for a certain search term or any Zazzle shop here.
    The flash panel will look like this:

    This really is a great way of showcasing your work. You can order the products according to popularity or show the new products first. You should also insert the code to your website and/or blog and everywhere you can add flash.
  • Your tags should always be as descriptive and detailed as possible. You can add a lot of tags and you should use them! If you are lacking creativity (like me) use a thesaurus to find synonyms.
  • Join groups on Facebook that let you share your links and use them! Mine can be found here for anyone to add links: New Facebook Group to Promote Your Zazzle Products!
  • Share new products on Twitter and your own Facebook wall. You can also use many other social networking and bookmarking sites, e.g. Or why not build Squidoolenses?Image via CrunchBase
  • When you are a member of, why not share your most interesting designs there, too? I write a post from time to time to present a design set.
  • Why not create your own “hub page” that leads to your shop? I have built to connect Zazzle with Amazon. This also let’s me add Google Adsense to earn a few extra cents.
  • In case you still have your default royalty percentage to 10%, why not increase it slightly to 10.1%? This way, the customer only has to pay a few cents more but you earn a few more cents royalty. This can make a difference over a longer period of time!
  • Use traffic exchanges (manual or automatic) to increase views on your shop or specific products.

I will update this list whenever I find something new. In case you do have more ideas, please feel free to share them in the comment box. Thanks 🙂