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Colorful iPhone Cases

Get a colorful case for your iPhone 4, iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 today.


Colorful iPhone Cases


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Tech accessory

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Express your love on #Easter with these #greeting cards from #zazzle. Happy Easter!


Easter Greeting Cards


Yay, I had my second sale on Printalloverme (PAOM). Isn’t that cool? It earned me $14.40!

This is the Kimono I was able to sell:

Blue Ice Rose Kimono By stine1

Blue Ice Rose Kimono By stine1

I am so happy!!! 🙂 Maybe Polyvore helped to sell it? I had shared it there in several sets.

Not too long ago I had posted about having created my first set on Polyvore. Little did I know back then that this would start my latest addiction! Polyvore is the best website for promoting my products for free since the invention of Pinterest and Wanelo!

I have added a lot of my products to the site (Polyvore acts as some kind of catalogue for fashionistas) but the BEST feature are sets and groups. Sets are similar to collages. You mix backgrounds, fonts, fashion, acessories and anything else decorative and the outcome are awesome collages like this one:

Seeing Things Clearly @ Polyvore "Seeing Things Clearly" - going to Church on a Sunday. #fashion #sunday #church #rosary #dress #dressup #holymass #paom #printalloverme

Seeing Things Clearly @ Polyvore
“Seeing Things Clearly” – going to Church on a Sunday.
#fashion #sunday #church #rosary #dress #dressup #holymass #paom #printalloverme

It’s not easy to create these right from the start but practice makes perfect and I find new features regularly. They also have templates for sets so that you only have to add your pictures and products – the background and decoration is already set. VERY useful!

If you would like to connect with me, please visit my Polyvore profile.

Woohoo, I finally understand the concept of sets and collections (where is the difference in these two???) on Polyvore. I gave it some thought and since I was nursing my first morning coffee, what other topic could I have chosen than COFFEE? *lol* Anyway, please take a look at it. Keep in mind it’s my first set, I hope I can increase the quality of my future sets 😛 And if you are not already following me on Polyvore, please do and I will follow back!

There is always time for COFFEE

There is always time for COFFEE

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