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Long live the Volume Bonus on Zazzle… well, I will miss it *sigh*

During the 31st week of 2013 (July 29th to August 4th) I got the June Volume Bonus cleared. This will probably be the last Volume Bonus I will ever earn from Zazzle since they had changed how it works. I got $12.53 – not bad, huh?

The sales were pretty average, no one got cancelled. Hurray!

Here we go:

I have earned a bit under $10 during that week plus the Volume Bonus.

And I might stop posting to Triond first. The earning rate keeps decreasing, I am earning about 30 CENTS per month which is ridiculous! Posting unique content to this blog would also improve stine1.info, so don’t expect me to post much on Triond anymore.

October 2012 ends with two sales. Read all about it here, including how much volume bonus I have earned for this month:

On the last day of October 2012, I had two more sales on Zazzle.

The first one are my most popular business cards. This time, one set goes to Janet in Harford, PA:

Vintage Retro Pin Up Girl - Blonde with huge Hat Business Card Template
Vintage Retro Pin Up Girl – Blonde with huge Hat Business Card Template by stineshop
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These business cards have earned me $1.87 in royalty.

The second sale was something new, a magnet with a beautiful autumn forest:

Scenic Autumn Forest Magnet
Scenic Autumn Forest Magnet by stineshop
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This photo was shot on Christmas 2011 near Gummersbach in Germany. Isn’t it lovely? The buyer is Jody from Redoak, IA – she has earned me $0.56 in royalty.

Thank you both for purchasing my products!

Summed up, I have earned over $80.00 in royalty and volume bonus this month on Zazzle!

Here is a screenshot of my volume bonus: