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New on Artsadd: Custom High Heels designed by Christine aka stine1.

New on Artsadd: Custom High Heels



Bright White: Summer Denim
Who says you can’t wear white before Memorial Day? Either way, it’s coming up, so whip out the white jeans! There’s no denim style more quintessential to summer, so create a set to show us how you’re wearing your white jeans this season!
Combined with a cool and unique allover print t-shirt designed by me, Christine aka stine1, available through my Artsadd shop and matching sneakers.

Bright White: Summer Denim #whitejeans


All-in-One: Sleeveless Jumpsuits
A super easy way to look polished with just one piece, the sleeveless jumpsuit looks great day or night. Show us how you’d wear it!

All-in-One: Sleeveless Jumpsuits


Black shoes

Yellow shoes

Courier bag
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