This is the second of my Zazzle shop showcases, I plan to do this more often. Read all about my latest recommendation in this article!



Carra is a very talented young artist and reading her Zazzle profile made me giggle. Read for yourself:

I’m a freelance fantasy artist currently in college working towards my Associates in General Education, with a dream of teaching art from grades K-5. I have a twisted sense of humor that loves to make itself known at odd times. Careful now, I last saw it run under the couch.

That’s exactly my kind of humour *lol*

Anyway, Carra is busy with running four Zazzle shops, you can all see them in her profile. In this post, I would like to concentrate on LittleWillow which runs as a collaboration of two artists: Littlekick & ClearWillow.


You can find a lot of very beautiful photographs in their shop, I really do love them! Their shop is pretty new as they have opened it in June 2012.


Aren’t these all gorgeous? You will find these designs and many more in the shop LittleWillow. Why not head over there and leave a comment or two? 🙂 And please fell free to contact me for showcasing your Zazzle shop.