My Society6 Sales in April 2020

Society6… I honestly have no idea what to do with this site apart from hating and loving it. After my sales skyrocketed since February, they have once again come to a screaching halt in the middle of April – although I did not change my promotion tactics. I just don’t get it. Did they onceContinue reading “My Society6 Sales in April 2020”

Testing Society6 promotion tactics on Redbubble

After my increasing sales on Society6 due to exchanging hearts / promotions like crazy, April 2020 ist slapping me into my face. The sales have crashed…. and like everytime this had happened before I have NO idea why. So, what am I going to to about it? I will try the tactics on Redbubble! TheyContinue reading “Testing Society6 promotion tactics on Redbubble”

30% Off Outdoor + Lifestyle / 25% Off Everything Else on #Society6

Society6 is having one great money saving rebate thingy after the other, this time they offer a huge rebate on the whole Outdoor and Lifesyle department which includes sun shades, sling chairs, picnic blankets and beach towels – which honestly none of us really needs at the moment. BUT this also includes highly popular YOGAContinue reading “30% Off Outdoor + Lifestyle / 25% Off Everything Else on #Society6”

Full Disclosure: How to sell more on Society6 ðŸ±â€ðŸ

I finally have the proof how to skyrocket your sales on Society6 and it’s the theory I have been testing on and off for quite some time. Actually, I tried to do this since I had started with Society6 back in 2014. Are you ready for this unveiling? Are you ready to invest a fewContinue reading “Full Disclosure: How to sell more on Society6 ðŸ±â€ðŸ”

Fishing for blog posts… ðŸ˜Ž

Yeah, not fishing for compliments but for blog posts. I am lacking ideas what to write about and that is why I now present you my top 3 most popular products from Society6. Thanks for every like on my blog and over at S6, I will return the favor 🙂