Fifty Shades of Grey themed Jewelry from Zazzle and Cafepress

Love Fifty Shades of Grey and/or Seattle? Since Valentine’s Day is approaching fast, why not think about this jewelry from Zazzle and Cafepress? We aim to please! key chains by stineshop Create unique personalized picture key chains. Yes, I know it is a key chain and not jewelry, but hey… 🙂 Seattle Grey Shades JewelryContinue reading “Fifty Shades of Grey themed Jewelry from Zazzle and Cafepress”

Zazzle Sales 2012-11-26 Quintuplets!

Finally, one day with five sales without any cancellation! The last time, one of the five sales got cancelled but this time, they are here to stay. The first item I have sold is a t-shirt I had created a few months ago. The buyer is Andrew in Maidenhead, United Kingdom. This shirt has earnedContinue reading “Zazzle Sales 2012-11-26 Quintuplets!”