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During June 2015 I had 10 sales on Cafepress with zero returns, pretty good for a summer month. Unfortunately, some of the sold products are not available anymore since Cafepress has removed a lot of less successful products from their marketplace in June.

September was a mediocre month for Cafepress. I had one sale. Back then, I was depressed. I am currently brushing up all my older designs to get rid of the white frames and stripes ever since Cafepress deactivated their automatic “fill all” feature. I would have loved to increase my sales back then. But hey, Christmas shopping had not yet really started and by now (December 2014) I know that my sales have increased.

So, may I present the one sale from September:

Curacao Dusk Mousepad
Curacao Dusk Mousepad

per stine1

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