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Let’s go to the Beach!

Let’s go to the Beach!

Let's go to the Beach!




Flip flops
$18 –

Beach scene wall art

Magnet sticker



Perfect bathroom towels for him and her by Christine aka stine1 available from ArtsAdd.

ArtsAdd Bath Towels - His & Hers


Caribbean beach home decor ideas from my various print on demand online shops.

Caribbean Beach Home Decor Ideas


Framed wall art
€32 –

Throw pillow
€30 –

Wall art
€9,10 –

Seashell home decor
€51 –

Beach home accessory
€37 –

Throw pillow

Beach home accessory
€43 –

Antigua tropical home decor
€27 –

Seashell home decor
€36 –

€92 –

Paradise palm
€99 –

Tote bag
€13 –

Caribbean Blue Pillow Cases

Outfit of the Day

My dream outfit for this hot summer day with a Caribbean twist. Let’s go to the beach!

Outfit of the Day


Blue bodycon dress

Tech accessory

Tech accessory

Love the Caribbean

Love the Caribbean

Enjoy your Caribbean vacation with this bikini, shirt and iphone case.

Love the Caribbean


Down by the Beach – get ready for summer fun.


Down by the Beach


My entry for the Bikini Luxe Contest with a piece of fashion from @bikiniluxes




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