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I had waited a few days before posting about new sales since the rate of cancellations seems to be pretty high this month.

Yes, that’s right. About one third of my recent sales this month get cancelled again within 48 hours. Some buyers who cancelled something are coming back after a few days and purchase the product again – but not all. It was a bit frustrating to post much about sales only to find them cancelled the next day *sigh*

So, on November 4th I had two sales. The first one is a postcard of the interior of the gothic Cologne Cathedral:

Cologne Cathedral - Arches Inside Post Card
Cologne Cathedral – Arches Inside Post Card by stineshop
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Remarkable architecture, isn’t it? The buyer was Veronica in Goose Creek, SC and she earned me $0.64 with buying eight of these postcards.

The second sale was a throw pillow I had designed less than 48 hours before:

Santa Monica Pier - Blue Green Photo Edit
Santa Monica Pier – Blue Green Photo Edit by stineshop
See other throw pillows.

Sold to Sivan in Stoughton, MA for $3.78 in royalty. Thank you for your purchase!

I knew that shooting our own photos of the Cologne Cathedral would make us a profit in Zazzle 🙂

This sale does not earn us a huge sum, but small amounts do add up!

English: The Gothic Cologne cathedral in Cologne, Germany Deutsch: Kölner Dom bei Nacht in der Stadt Köln Italiano: Il Duomo di Colonia di notte. עברית: קתדרלת קלן הגותית Русский: Кёльнский собор ночью (Кёльн, Германия) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Someone anonymous from Aachen in Germany has bought this beautiful fridge magnet:

This sale earned us €0.47 which should be a bit more than $0.70. Not bad, huh?

I have a lot of products online with different photos of the gothic Cathedral in Cologne and this one is the second item I have sold with such a photo. Way to go 🙂


Have a great weekend!


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