New Design: Santa Monica Pier French Home Decor

A new photo manipulation I did with our most popular Santa Monica Pier photo, situated in a golden photo frame decorated with some French home decor like an artichoke and used wine corks in a glass. Available on several websites to buy:       Santa Monica Pier French Decor Postcard by stineshop on ZazzleContinue reading “New Design: Santa Monica Pier French Home Decor”

My #EyeEm Sales for January 2019

Ok, “saleS” is a bit too much since I only had ONE sale on EyeEm but it was a small sale on Getty Images which tend to make me feel rather proud about it. Why? Due to the HUGE competition on Getty Images, that’s why 🙂 And I have sold a photo which I hadContinue reading “My #EyeEm Sales for January 2019”

Paradise on Earth – Antigua Beach Stock Photos

During our Caribbean Cruise a few years ago – way before hurricane Irma destroyed a lot – we have enjoyed one lazy day on the island Antigua. It was one of the most beautiful stops during the cruise, really worth a second – longer – visit! I am uploading a whole series to EyeEm andContinue reading “Paradise on Earth – Antigua Beach Stock Photos”

Clouds over Grand Canyon Stock Photos

In 2010, my husband and I have been on a USA vacation and shot gazillions of photos of the Grand Canyon. Back then, we cursed the rather bad weather with lots of clouds and even hail and snow. Now with stock photography in mind, we do have rather rare shots compared to all the “goodContinue reading “Clouds over Grand Canyon Stock Photos”

My first year on #EyeEm

So I have joined EyeEm one year ago, in order to start a new adventure in trying to sell stock photos. With gazillions of vacation photos on our own media server at home (99% shot by my husband) and very limited time on my hands for adding new designs to my various print-on-demand shops, thisContinue reading “My first year on #EyeEm”