Lots of new products on Redbubble – let’s hustle! ðŸ˜Ž

You know, I do not really know whether I love or hate Redbubble. I love their uploader, creating products from a new design is relatively fast. But I do hate the process of adding newly available products to older designs! Every fu**ing time!

There is no quick, fast and easy way to activate new products. They had just added cloth masks – so you had to edit every single one of your designs to add the according face mask. Only to find out one week later that they now also offer magnets. And kitchen aprons. And puzzles… oh, and don’t forget the new duffle bags and backpacks!

Christine aka stine1 on Redbubble
Christine aka stine1 on Redbubble

AAARRRRGH!!!!!! I have over 100 designs online, it is tedious! The only advantage: I also take a quick look at the keywords/tags and whenever I see an important one missing, I do add it.

So please excuse me, I need to add the new kid’s masks to the regular masks, the aprons and the puzzles! And the magnets… 🤮😜

In case you’d like to see what I am doing, please check out my Redbubble shop here:


Happy creating, happy hustling!


Published by Christine aka stine1

Owner of http://www.stine1.info

2 thoughts on “Lots of new products on Redbubble – let’s hustle! ðŸ˜Ž

  1. Mpt sure whether to love them or hate them either. I haven’t made a sale there for a long time,😒

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  2. Generating sales on Redbubble is another topic… it is REALLY hard! Redbubble is one of the hardest websites to earn money with, really frustrating… I never know what I could improve.

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