Very first Cashout from VIDA Shopping 😍

Do you remember by first sale on VIDA in March 2020? I have just received the cashout and they proof to be legit. I am so happy to have found them!

Zizzling Zazzle - Christine aka stine1 blogging

You can say anything about the corona virus and the quarantine… some print on demand websites skyrocket this month and this is a huge plus for me. Well, the rest not so much… I know we would all be better off without the virus.

Anyway, I had my first very surprising sale on VIDA:

 Fancy Prismatic Flower Sleeveless Top by Christine aka stine1 on VIDA Fancy Prismatic Flower Sleeveless Top by Christine aka stine1 on VIDA

The downside: I cannot tell you yet how much royalty I will receive since VIDA does not list any information. There is no detailled sales dashboard. You can see how many items you have sold per day and you receive an email telling you which product you have sold – but there are no statistics in your account that tell you ANYTHING.

I wrote to VIDA about this asking for details and this is their answer:

[…] Regarding your sales, you’ll be able to see…

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