Phew… I tried to write a blog post for several days now and beware, this might become one of the most personal blog posts on the entire Zizzling Zazzle blogosphere. But during these times everything is screwed and upside down… topsy turvy… any more good words for the current situation?

I mean, who in his right mind would have guessed what a pandemic rollercoaster ride 2020 will be. The forest fires in Brasil and Australia were already out of this world along with a strange “Is this shit getting real?” feeling in my guts. And now this corona pandemic with covid-19. Everyone is scared (well, maybe not everyone but MOST people). We are depserately clinging onto toilet paper and cloth face masks.

Horror stories or official news? Different countries coping totally different. Some enforce their lockdowns, some do nothing because they don’t want to or they simply can’t. It’s the rich vs. the poor all over again.

And here I am in one of the probably safest countries to be at the moment – Germany. Germany seems to handle it rather well. Less deaths – but is that good? Every death is one death too much, isn’t it? We cannot be happy about our privileged situation while people in other countries seem to not have such a “good” chance to survive this.

How long will it all take?

Is it ok for us artists to sell cloth face masks and to profit from it?

Questions, so many questions in my head…

And yes, I did create cloth face masks on Zazzle and I have sold a few until now. Does this make me happy? Not really, people need them and I am making money with it?

Is it fair? I still have my job, my employer ordered everyone to work from home. My husband is still on paternal leave and is taking care of the two kids during the day since day care is closed. We don’t need to worry about earning less or earning no money. No stimulus checks necessary, no government subsidy/grant. We are the lucky ones.

Is our situation fair?




So, how do you feel?

How do you cope?

Would you like to talk about it? It’s ok to remain silent…