What happened to GrabYourDesign.com? #grabyourdesign

GrabYourDesign.com had been a very nice French operated print on demand website with many good quality products and an easy design process. It’s advantage was definitely the huge distribution network with Amazon Marketplaces in North America and Europe plus listings on Ebay. But for months, the site had been more offline than online and during the last few weeks, I have never seen it online anymore.

All you get is an error 404, file cannot be found.

Very sad, I once had bought some flip flops from them and I still have and wear them 😦

Now the website is down and Google searched do not really help me understand why this happened. Are they closed for good? Will they ever be back? Will we receive any outstanding earnings?

Did you have an account with GYD?


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4 thoughts on “What happened to GrabYourDesign.com? #grabyourdesign

  1. I know (or knew if they are gone) more PODs than anyone I know. Fun to read your posts to learn what else there is out there.


  2. I was selling quite well on GYD. All of a sudden everything stopped. Sad to see it go. It was one of my better earning POD sites I was making about 50$ a month from only 600 designs. I had 4k+ designs to upload.


  3. Oh wow, that was rather successful. It must hurt to have GYD close everything 😦 I did sell quite a few items but with the low royalty percentage, I did only reach cashout 3 times per year. I am constantly testing new print on demand websites, never giving up… until I eventually might find some success *lol*


  4. Ha, are you active and selling on any other sites I have not yet written about?
    I used to also upload to RageOn and Live Heroes, but never sold anything…


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