My Society6 Mugs came as a Puzzle (Customer Review)


Zizzling Zazzle - Christine aka stine1 blogging

In December 2014 (six weeks ago) I had ordered four coffee mugs from Society6. They were running the usual Christmas promotions and I could get four mugs for the price of three. Still pretty expensive for photo mugs that you could also get in offline shops around every corner or online in a gazillion other cheaper shops but hey – I admit that I only wanted them so that I could brag “Hey, this is my photo on this mug!” and recommend Society6 to my friends and family.

Ok, so it took them six weeks from USA to Germany, of which one week is courtesy to German customs since there was no invoice on the outside. I had to send them infos about the order and about the payment (print from Paypal) and I am really lucky that I did not have to pay taxes!

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