Colorful Trivets for your Home

Zazzle has beautiful stone trivets in travertine or marble for your home, I love to design them. Here is what Zazzle has to say about them:

You used to have to get out of the kitchen if you couldn’t stand the heat. But now, with these beautiful stone trivets, we can’t wait for it to get hot in there. Crafted from high quality natural stone, it’s not only beautiful, it’s sizzling!

  • Dimensions: 6” x 6”.
  • Choose from two high quality natural stones- botticino marble or turkish travertine.
  • All designs printed in full color with fade-resistant ink.
  • Finished with cork backing for scratch-free counter and table tops.

Here is a selection of some of my trivets you can buy online:

Caribbean Collage Trivets
Caribbean Collage Trivets by stineshop
View more Photo collage Trivets at

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2 thoughts on “Colorful Trivets for your Home

  1. WOW – I knew that they had these, but had no idea that they were actual stone! Do they print right on the stone? I really have no time to mess around with the ever-changing at Zazzle anymore. I can not keep up with all their new product additions or their constant demands that we constantly change our product descriptions. Really hope that you do well there. 🙂


  2. Hi Yonni,
    Yes I think they print the design directly onto the stone material.
    i am also pretty frustrated with Zazzle at the moment. My sales decreased last fall Christmas season was a disappointment. It was better than fall but worse than Christmas season 2014. I have reduced my royalty from 30% to 14.9% and zRank went up 1 point and my sales are back to a normal rate. So at least that seemed to work for me.
    Due to Quick Create still not working and the recent changes, I am hesitant to create new products. Since my baby girl demands a lot of attention, I do not want to bother with creating 250 products with one photo ONE BY ONE 😦 QC was a blessing as long as it worked 😦


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