Check out my new Shop at GrabYourDesign

GrabYourDesign is a new French operated print-on-demand site that is currently recruiting artists. I had received an email and signed up in order to check them out. Their conditions seem fair (cash out limit is €30, they pay with bank transfer or Paypal), you can set your royalty to 5% to 25%, the standard is 10%. Creating products (cases for smartphones, ebook readers and tablets plus flip flops and mouse pads) is quick and easy and approval is granted quickly. I am currently building my store, uploading my designs. might be a great alternative to theKase which is currently not accepting new designs as they intend to restructure their site. So why not check out my gallery? 🙂

Christine aka stine1 on GrabYourDesign
Christine aka stine1 on GrabYourDesign

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