Designing print-on-demand (POD) products does consume most of my free time on the weekends and promoting them does also take a few hours per week. But whenever I have a small downtime or am waiting on something (e.g. creating a product on Printalloverme does take its time), I am active on three major PTC (paid to click) websites. I have been a member there for ages, and it was my number one source for online earning before I had encountered Zazzle. On PTC websites (I had even owned my own for a year), members like me watch ads and get paid for it. You only earn a few cents per day but it adds up – especially when you are doing something tedious like creating products. So I click on a link, do something else for the next 30 seconds and have earned a cent. Overall, I am making $10 to $20 per year with these three sites: No Minimum Payout