My Recent theKase Sales: November 2014

After a few slow months during summer, theKase really skyrocketed during the last few months of 2014 and surprised me with decent earnings. I am really glad it is working out well now, just like I would expect it. Every month seems to have one or two best-selling designs which can change in the following month. It’s still a mystery to me why one design can sell 20 cases in one month and none in the months before or after. Since theKase also has many offline shops, maybe they randomly put certain cases on display for that one month and switch to other cases in the following month? That might explain this phenomenon.

Anyway, here are the sales for November 2014:

theKase sales for stine1 November 2014
theKase sales for stine1 November 2014

As you can see here, the Isla Saona case has been extremely popular for a few months. I did not expect it to be successful for two or more consecutive months but it’s still being sold. The other cases have been popular before are just starting to become popular.

I do not want to link to the same case designs repetitively in every post, if you are interested in my designs please just click on the screenshot above to get to my theKase profile.


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