My recent Cafepress Sales: August 2014

Who would have known that August 2014 would be my BEST month on Cafepress so far? Maybe it is the upcoming Christmas season but I was able to sell three products during this month:

per stine1
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I have sold this pad folio five times. To be honest, it is rather ugly since the photo is not set to fill the whole folio but someone liked it enough to buy it FIVE times!

Which brings me to the next – also quite ugly – product I never thought I might ever sell!

Beach Towel
per stine1
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Seriously, I have no idea what the buyer liked but hey, this is my first beach towel.

And then there were three of these bags sold:

Tote Bag
per stine1
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Finally, a product that looks pretty 🙂

In case you haven’t noticed: All three sales have the same design – Santa Monica Pier Sunset. WHY?


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