After quite a few interesting active weeks on Polyvore, I thought I’d share some things that I have noticed. In the end, we all want to have fun with that site and maybe generate a few sales with its help, right? 🙂

  1. Join groups and follow other users
    Groups are a great way to broaden your audience. There are gazillions of groups specialized on certain topics. There are even groups for Zazzlers! You can find groups by switching the seach box on the top from “products” to “groups”.
    Since Polyvore is a pretty social website, be nice and follow back your followers. And try to find new people to follow, e.g. your friends from Twitter or Facebook. You can search for your friends from other social networks by visiting your activity and then click on “Find friends” in the yellow box at the top:

    Find Friends on Polyvore

    Find Friends on Polyvore


  2. Take part in contests
    Contests by Polyvore or by groups are perfect for showing your skills. You will also gather likes and new followers!
    You can find currently running contests here.
    Contests by Polyvore require you to create new sets. Contests in groups often let you add your existing sets.
  3. Add products wisely
    Add products to Polyvore that people will want to use in their sets. Concentrate on adding fashion and accessories (t-shirts, jewelry), home decor (pillows, duvets and curtains), smartphone cases (they are my most used products!) and add posters for people to use as backgrounds and photos in their set.

Is there anything that I have forgotten? Please leave a comment on how to be more successful on Polyvore. Thanks 🙂