My Recent Zazzle Sales (2013, Week 31)

Long live the Volume Bonus on Zazzle… well, I will miss it *sigh*

During the 31st week of 2013 (July 29th to August 4th) I got the June Volume Bonus cleared. This will probably be the last Volume Bonus I will ever earn from Zazzle since they had changed how it works. I got $12.53 – not bad, huh?

The sales were pretty average, no one got cancelled. Hurray!

Here we go:

I have earned a bit under $10 during that week plus the Volume Bonus.

And I might stop posting to Triond first. The earning rate keeps decreasing, I am earning about 30 CENTS per month which is ridiculous! Posting unique content to this blog would also improve, so don’t expect me to post much on Triond anymore.


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