Advertise your Zazzle Shop by Blogging about it on Triond!

Triond is a great site that let’s you blog for free and does even pay you for it!

On Triond, you can write informative articles and blog about topics you enjoy. I am blogging about my adventure on Zazzle for over a year. I mostly post my weekly sales or recommend special product lines (e.g. Halloween related products or the most beautiful iPhone 5 Cases). Triond is easy to use and they publish your content on over 10 of their network sites according to the topic you write about to ensure targetted audience.

Here are a few examples of what I am publishing on Triond:

My Recent Zazzle Sales (2013, Week 24)

Is Zazzle Too Expensive?

Some SEO Facts About My Zazzle Shop

Spooky Halloween Gifts

Zazzle Design of The Day: Scenic USA

Zazzle Shop Showcase: Dandilyonfluff

Colourful Cases for Your iPhone Five

Kool Keychains are Great Gift Ideas

Looking for Scenic Wall Stickers to Improve Your Home?

50 Shades of Zazzle

As you can see, I blog about a variety of Zazzle related topics and share some advice for other Zazzlers.

And the best part is that you can earn money by writing! Triond does pay you. Although it is just peanuts (a few cents per article), it adds up and I receive a payment of about $1 a month. That’s $12 per year for advertising my Zazzle store for free. Pretty cool, huh?


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