I have checked my Zazzle shop @ http://www.stine1shop.info on Google and there are some interesting facts regarding SEO I would like to share with you.

I came across webutation.net, which analyzes websites and I am pretty pleased with the results I got for my Zazzle shop stine1shop.info.

Here are a few screenshots that demonstrate what webutation.net knows about my domain:

Rating of www.stine1shop.info according to Webutation.net1shop rating

Rating of http://www.stine1shop.info according to Webutation.net rating

Apparently, my reputation (or “webutation”) is 100% positive. Ok, the first comment was written by little me as some kind of shameless self-promotion but who cares? *lol* I am really happy that my domain is viewed as a safe website to visit with no known problems or issues.

Webutation.net even features a “social buzz” that shows how my website is listed in social networks and online in general:

Social Buzz of www.stine1shop.info according to Webutation.net

Social Buzz of http://www.stine1shop.info according to Webutation.net

Isn’t this cool? I totally recommend anyone with a domain name to check their website. You get so much information about it!

I’d love to read your experiences with webutation.net in the comments, please share. Thanks 🙂